Digital Construction Consultant

Digital Construction Consultant

I have worked tirelessly to implement and change the way the largest construction companies in Canada utilize technology to re-define success.

Does your project have a disconnect in the way your team communicates with the designers, engineers, the clients?

I can help your construction company digitize your business from the field up; I will help you integrate every part of your work into a refined lean production machine.

I have experience in digitizing, establishing best practices and get a diversified team working together in as short as a few sessions.

I have deep experience in Data Centres, Hospitals and other mission critical projects. I will help your team continuously define, then refine coordinated work packages, we will work with your team to create logistics & Schedules in an easy to understand 3D environment.  Create repeatability and enable modularization.  Deploy field processes and tools that guide the assembly of the project. I can help you to wire your business to scale; Digital construction processes across your clients, partners, project teams and supply chain.

I am passionate about results. I want to help you retain your knowledge, boost your productivity, create a culture of innovation, measure your business in realtime, and ultimately grow your bottomline.


Our success is your success.  To innovate we work to fully understand your existing business from the ground up; Process, people and tools.  Together, we clearly define the business requirements and expected outcomes.  Measuring progress of a new initiative is critical and  this can only be measured when the goals are defined.   Our approach is commonly broken into 4 phases;

I - Assessment

- Collecting Information

- Developing a Strategy

II - Work Plan

- Recommendation

- Defining a Path Forward

III - Execution

- Building Consensus

- Implement

- Facilitating

IV - Refinement

- Feedback

- Measure & Report

- Improve Strategy

If this interests you in any way, please reach out to me in the email below: